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(Battered Women’s Support Services 1993) Basically meaning your partner is trying to control you and using different abusive tactics to maintain that control. Youth between the ages of 15 and 24, in Canada, have the highest risk of dating violence.

Celebrate Courage brings together youth for a powerful presentation of Ghosts of Violence, an award-winning theatrical performance that tells the story of four young women affected by dating violence.That’s pretty high and means as youth we experience a lot of dating violence.We also know young women between the ages of 15-19 experience ten times more violence in relationships than young men. Belvedere Vodka recently launched an online campaign that showed a grinning young man who seems to be trying to force sexual contact on a frightened young woman. If you think gender doesn’t matter anymore, you haven’t been in a high-school classroom lately. study of Grade 7 students found that 63 per cent strongly agreed with sentiments like: “When dating, the boy should be smarter than the girl.” Young people may joke about violence, but those who experience it are usually silent. Societies with the strictest gender roles have the highest rates of violence against women, and Canada isn’t as far ahead as we assume.