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In the latter half of the 14 century Debar was ruled by the Albanian Kastrioti clan, but fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire when local Albanian ruler Gjon Kastrioti died shortly after his four children were taken hostage.Gjergj Kastrioti, survived to take back his father’s land and untie all of Albania in 1444.

During the Ottoman-Albanian wars between 1443-1479 the Debar region was the borderline between the Ottomans and the League of Lezhë led by Skanderbeg and became an area of continuous conflict.

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Debar is surrounded by the Dešat, Stogovo, Jablanica and Bistra mountains.

It is located 625 meters above sea level, next to Lake Debar, the Black Drin River and its smaller break-off river, Radika.