Wpf listview itemssource not updating

After searching on Internet I saw that man can use Prism extensions framework WPF to add custom command to our List View control. The example below guides step by step how to get Selected Item of List View in MVVM pattern using command. Compile and run program, the List View will be fulfilled with the database 6. As you will learn in this article, you need just a bit of extra work for this to happen, but fortunately, WPF makes this pretty easy.

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What we need is a list that notifies any destinations of changes to its content, and fortunately, WPF provides a type of list that will do just that.

Now I would like that when the user clicks on an item of List View, its name is shown in label lbl Selected Item.

Therefore I bind Content property of lbl Selected Item to a property of View Model variable 8.

The Margin property tells the location of a List Box on the parent control.

The Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment properties are used to set horizontal and vertical alignments.

Wpf listview itemssource not updating