Who was whitney houston dating before she died

Explaining why it had taken her so long to speak about the incident, she said: "There's been so much going on around her [Houston], around the service, around the drugs, around her and Bobby [Brown] supposed to be fighting, I didn't want to add anything to that and I didn't want to be a part of that." Franklin, who covered Warwick's hit song 'Walk On By' in 1964, said that she saw Warwick at the Tribeca Film Festival this month: "She said, 'Give me a hug.' I said, 'Oh hell no.You couldn't be serious.'" When the reporter asked whether she felt like Warwick owed her an apology, Franklin responded: "I don't care about her apology, at this point it isn't about an apology, it's about libel...He's always trying to show his face when he's with Whitney. Houston's official cause of death, released yesterday by the Los Angeles County Coroner, reveals that the 48-year-old songstress died as the result of accidental drowning and the combined effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine.The drug, however, was never found in her hotel room when investigators conducted their probe.show that he may have provided the late diva with the drugs that contributed to her tragic Feb.11 death, saying her interview was "rife with false statements.""Though Leolah Brown was nowhere near the Beverly Hilton hotel on the day Whitney Houston died, [HLN's parent company] CNN proceeded to broadcast an interview with Ms.And the website went on to allege that the singer and her friends stood out because of all the noise they were making, despite the fact that the hotel was abuzz with guests getting ready for the pre-Grammy festivities.

Roger Ailes, a towering figure in TV news and politics whose long run was tarnished by the sexual harassment scandal that forced him out last year as head of Fox News, died May 18.

Brown in which she falsely claimed that Ray J was at the hotel and contributed to Whitney Houston's death," Ray J's attorney said in a statement released to E! The statement continued: "Even the most minimal inquiry with anyone actually in contact with Whitney would reveal that Leolah Brown had been out of contact with Whitney for more than a year and was nowhere near the scene on the day of her death."What ticked off Brandy's little brother was the fact that Leolah told Dr. Brown then accused Ray J, who was rumored to be casually dating Houston, of being a "runner boy" for the music legend because he "knows somebody that sells drugs" and bought and supplied them to her.

Drew Pinksy that she witnessed Ray (real name William Ray Norwood Jr.) leaving the "So Emotional" singer's hotel room "hiding his head" on the day she died."Why is he hiding his face? The musician's lawyer has urged media outlets "not to republish these defamatory stories" and warned of legal action should they proceed to do so without verifying the truth.

During the ceremony, members of both the Brown and Houston families spoke as well as Tyler Perry.

The final song played was "Jesus Loves Me" by Whitney.