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It sounds preposterous and similar to typical rappers-versus-their-haters hyperbole and Internet over-thinking at first, but, upon closer inspection of Drake's recent lyrics, maybe such a conspiracy does exist.

And maybe, as many theorized, it really was headed up by none other than DJ Drama.

The rumor goes, Drake reneging on plans to have be an official Gangsta Grillz, Drama tipped Meek to the existence of Quentin Miller and those controversial reference tracks and even delivered them to Meek and Flex. Flex and Meek were both no-shows, Drake dropped "Back to Back," and all Meek Mill accomplished was renewing interest in Drake's next album and validating him further as running this rap shit., Drake's collab mixtape with Meek Mill's proclaimed favorite artist, Future.

Interesting then, that one such clear shot at Meek appears to contain a shot at Drama too: "If you come here trying to take some/There's a lot more where that came from/And it really ain't no thing, I got Summer P in this thing."A slick reference to Drama's ex-wife, Summer P. One that she even acknowledged, on her heavily Drake-supportive Twitter feed?

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We may never learn the concrete reason of how Drama was involved or why, but it seems that he unquestionably played a role in the biggest rap beef in years.In TV terms, they might best be described as “The Odd Couple.” Not so, says Lear, who broke the news about the Walker-Coulter relationship on an interview with “blackish” creator Kenya Barris for Entertainment Weekly.When asked about Walker — who’s catchphrase was “dyno-mite” on “Good Times” — Lear revealed his own explosive news.“I love him; he’s a wonderful guy,” Lear said of Walker. “I spent an evening at the same table with them, so I know.”Lear, known as a longtime liberal who founded the progressive group “People for the American Way,” admitted he wasn’t sure about the planned dinner with Walker and Coulter — because of her right-wing views.Drama says Summer told his lawyers her expenses total 23k a month but he claims that the figure is incorrect.Reportedly, they have no kids and they lived with her for 2 years.