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Dylan was married for 13 years to actress Shiva Rose, with whom he has two children.

It looks like costars Dylan Mc Dermott and Maggie Q are more than just workmates!

This will be the first time Maggie has said 'I do', and it'll be the second time for Dylan.

Before dating Maggie, Dylan was married to actress Shiva Rose for 13 years.

That way you are already a full tank when it comes along.

You don't want to be empty waiting to be filled up.” ON LIFE IN TOPANGA: “A typical day for me is an early start since I have animals and children that need to be fed.

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After my youngest is off to school I'll have some moments of checking in with myself either with kundalini meditation, or a walk through nature.I had a film project that I had commissioned that was usurped from me, and I had to go to legal battle over another situation.Staying buoyant through out it all was the biggest challenge and this was done purely for the sake of my two daughters.WHY SHE’S FOXY: She’s an Iranian-born turned Topanga Canyon Cali girl meditating soul momma, Kundalini Yogi and creator of the holistic, high-fashion, lifestyle hippie blog “The Local Rose” with opulent, Old Hollywood bohemian style whose imagination, aesthetic, and philosophy on life, love and motherhood are as fresh and tender as the peaches she grows in her garden.ON MOTHERHOOD: “I have been a mother for so long I don't think I can remember what it was like before. Now we’re like best friends rather than just mother and daughter.