Who is rasheeda dating

Season 6, Episode 2, things went from bad to worse for Kirk Frost.

He denied having a baby with Jasmine Washington to Rasheeda; however, Jasmine had a meeting with Karlie Redd and provided the evidence that may destroy Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage.

Jasmine showed Karlie Redd the text messages from Kirk, and she revealed that he has a secret phone.

The former stripper also showed Karlie proof that Kirk was paying her bills.

She has two sons, Karter and Ky and though many have reasons to believe that is happily married with two beautiful children, there are a few areas of friction between Frost and her.

Though her marriage with Frost still stands, there is reason to believe that she could be having some hot and sultry affairs with other men as well.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have gone through their fair share of marital ups and downs on national television but are they finally cool this season? Is Rasheeda right, it’s not our business to understand?

Everyone from Mimi to Joc to Karlie Redd weighed in on just what’s up with these two lovebirds. Find out where the Frosts stand on the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta tonight at 8/7c!

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She was a member of the Da Kaperz group, till she launched her own music album, in the year 2000.She’s no longer promoting her shoe line or styling service but returning to her roots in the music industry.Just like Rich Dollaz, Rashidah worked for Bad Boy managing artist.While many fans speculated that Rod Bullock must have been sentenced for several years for Jasmine to have a baby with another man, it turns out he was only in prison for about seven months.When Karlie met up with Rasheeda to deliver the devastating news, she was a bit skeptical, but acknowledged that it was unlikely for Ms. Karlie revealed that Kirk moved Jasmine into the building that they live in, and may have brought his alleged child into the home he shares with Rasheeda.