Who is missy elliott dating now

Related: Justin Uses Iconic Fashion Faux Pas To Take Shot At Donald Trump! The publication announced it's best and worst top ten lists, and apparently wasn't feeling Timberlake's comeback song — putting the As you know, it was a huge relief when Missy Elliott and Rihanna's beloved backup dancer Shirlene Quigley was found safe and sound following a frantic search on the East Coast earlier this week.

Following her return, the artist took a moment to thank everyone for their "prayers, love, and support" — and especially the North Bergen Police Department for bringing her home safe.

According to urban gossip blog Media Take Out, Missy Elliot and Sharaya have been dating for five years before secretly getting married earlier this year.

Sharaya J, born Sharaya Howell, is an Hawaiian aspiring rapper and choreographer.

But somehow it's taken until now for listeners to figure out what exactly the 45-year-old is saying when she sings those jumbled up lyrics in the chorus. Related: Shakira & Prince Royce Are CALIENTE In Their New Music Video!

So when Missy is singing: video shoot, Swifty can be seen getting red glitter applied to her lips, which gets her super excited. But it also makes her a little delusional, as she says: But… Related: Celine Dion Sings Missy Elliott With Her Own Twist!

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Sharing a picture alongside the NYPD, Miz Quigley penned: Thank goodness!

As far as his ongoing situation with Floyd Mayweather, 50 said that he’d “fight [Mayweather] in the street.” He went on to say that Mayweather is like his younger brother. She said- “I hope they stay fascinated with my sexuality because that’s something that makes them wonder. According to afterellen.com, in an interview in the year 2011, De Brat revealed that she likes to keep her sexuality private.Sharaya signed a deal with Missy Elliot label The Goldmind Inc in 2010.Respected readers we are here to let you know something which you want to know and that is ”Who is Missy Elliot dating?