Who is lily tomlin dating

In one episode, Grace signs up to an online dating service and ends up on a date with Brian Benben (aged 58!), fantasizes about dating Corbin Bernsen (aged 60!

I am also sorry that Rita Moreno was again overlooked by the Kennedy Center Honors. But she is also the woman who pretended to date John Travolta when the two were promoting their film Moment By Moment.

"My longtime friends, Lily Tomlin and her love, the writer Jane Wagner, got married on the eve of 2014...

PHOTOS: Celeb weddings in 2013 gossip columnist Liz Smith first reported the two had tied the knot in her column on Jan. "It was an eventful New Year's Eve," she wrote.

Lily called her a coward -- publicly -- because she felt the actress was playing coy by listing more men than women when counting who she had slept with. But it is also not fair that Rita Moreno again was ignored. I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today: Monday, December 8, 2014.

Of course, let us remember Lily was already several years into her long and ongoing relationship with Jane Wagner. So she slams a woman who came out -- in the early half of the 70s -- as bi-sexual while she herself hides in a closet. Chaos and violence continue, Iraq's prime minister says there's no agreement to provide US troops with immunity, Barack's non-stop bombing gets called out, we grade outgoing Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chair Bernie Sanders, and much more. That he would advance, for example, acupuncture was not a surprise.