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The “How I Met Your Mother” actor wasn’t done, taking his chiding to a new level and hunting down the woman on social media.

Since the time of publication, the Wall Street Journal has issued a correction on the online review of “Lion” that reads, “An earlier version of this article misidentified Dev Patel as appearing in Mira Nair’s ‘The Namesake.'” Wall Street Journal film critic Joe Morgenstern made an embarrassing error in a review for the movie “Lion” in Friday’s newspaper, when he confused Dev Patel with Kal Penn.

POPE FRANCIS JOINS INSTAGRAM “This lady is trying to take a selfie with me on the subway,” he wrote on Twitter.

In it, the woman can be seen trying to photograph her face with Penn in the background.

Chris: We had a read through and then we went out to dinner. Sometimes they give me a little attitude or don't laugh hard enough at something funny or don't take an acting note that I give them, so I'm tempted to just leave my three Emmys in their trailers the next morning, and they'll just see it... Jerry: Joking aside, I would trust any of these guys with my children. I would be honored if he would impart some wisdom on my girls. I got more out of my wife than my wife got out of me. I was attracted to her at first; she's beautiful.

The part was played by Penn, whose other credits include the “Harold and Kumar” movies, “House” and “How I Met Your Mother.” @Joe Morgenstern Dev Patel wasn't in the Namesake.

Patel is in the running for Oscar consideration in the best-supporting actor race for “Lion,” which opens in limited release this weekend from the Weinstein Co.

Jerry O' Connell: I lived at the Oakwood for two months. When you have respect for the person's work, that's huge.

*****************************************************************Last week, the agenda-driven, drive-by media trashed Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain with unsubstantiated and poorly sourced sexual innuendo.

This week, let’s all talk about Democrat President Barack Obama being gay, him sexually harassing male actor Kal Penn, and his frequenting of Chicago gay bathhouse “Man’s Country” — using the Left’s established precedent for journalistic integrity when it comes to rumor and gossip.