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For those who prefer Rory’s second boyfriend, Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), or her third boyfriend, Logan (Matt Czuchry), the news from Sutcliffe narrows the playing field a little, but raises a host of questions about Rory’s love life.

Will Rory end up with Jess, the brooding writer who begged her to run away with him and chastised Rory when she dropped out of college?

This Canadian actor is best known for his role as Christopher Hayden, Rory Gilmore's father and Lorelai Gilmore's on-and-off boyfriend, on the CW show Gilmore Girls series.

He has also played the lead role in Cracked as Detective Aidan Black and appeared in American drama series Proof as Dr. This popular actor is usually known for his good choice of TV roles and subtle acting.

After Lorelai leaves for Stars Hollow, Christopher is only sporadically in and out of his daughter's life until she's 17, for reasons unknown.

He states at one point that it's hard for him to see Rory because he misses her so much it's easier on him to stay away.

Add to this that their parents were good friends, leaving Chris and Lorelai with a lot of opportunities to spend time together.

You're messing with people's minds and know that other people are trying to mess with yours. Actor David Sutcliffe, who played Lorelai’s ex and Rory’s father, Christopher Hayden, is returning for the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot, Variety reports. On the show, Christopher proposed to Lorelai when she got pregnant at 16, but she turned him down and ran away from home to raise their daughter alone in Stars Hollow.The couple reunited in the season 2 finale at Sookie’s wedding, but Christopher left the nuptials early when he learned that his ex-girlfriend Sherry was pregnant.Unfortunately, his personal opinion held no sway in the outcome of the series, because Sutcliffe continued, "I know they’re not going to end up together, but Rory and Dean seem like a good couple." Please cue the breaking of every Team Dean member's heart.While plot details from the revival have mostly been kept under wraps, we do know that all three of Rory’s exes are returning to the show.