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Nous sommes arrivés le mercredi à New York et le vendredi matin mon frère et moi étions à l'école à Los Angeles. Sur l'affirmation de la comédienne qu'elle avait maîtrisé ces indications vocales, Mac Farlane l'a embauchée.

Mila Kunis is living the American dream—only she's Ukrainian.

Her family left the icy dullness of Kiev for hot Los Angeles when Mila was only seven years old.

I tell him, "You can mock away because I know who you are. What is unusual is the story of her life before she was cast in her first commercial at age nine (after being discovered at a child-actor showcase by the woman who still manages her). My immigration story is being made into something bigger than it needs to be. They're the ones who went through hell and back, who gave everything up. If she were seen walking into this café, there likely would be seven cars waiting when she comes out. Here's the truth: People want to get photographed in this industry a lot more than they let on. When you see photos in magazines and someone's holding a Coke or a Sprite and they're just walking down the street, that's a sponsorship. I went to the White House Correspondents' Dinner with Wolf Blitzer. "So, about Ahmadinejad's nephew ..." Wolf was surprised I followed politics. Although the place in the West Village that I always stay at when I'm in New York has a rooftop. It feels like a stadium of lights and architecture. She answers the elevator (it opens into the apartment) wearing workout clothes. On our way out to the roof, she gives a tour of the house. She talks about not being nervous to do a talk show ("That's just shooting the shit with Conan for twenty minutes") but being terrified to give a speech at a wedding. Out of nowhere she looks toward the river and says, "How amazing is this?

En 2011, elle déclara que ses parents avaient des « emplois incroyables » et que sa famille était « très chanceuse » et n'« était pas du tout pauvre », ils avaient décidé de quitter l'URSS parce qu'ils ont vu qu'il « n'y avait pas d'avenir » pour Mila et son frère « C'est tout ce que nous avons été autorisés à prendre avec nous. L'année suivante, elle remplace Lacey Chabert pour le doublage du personnage de Meg Griffin dans la série d'animation Les Griffin.