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Preston's love life was well-publicised thanks to his romance with Chantelle Houghton.When the star met non-celeb Chantelle in the CBB house, he was dating long-term girlfriend Camille Aznar.In an effort to salvage their relationship following his flirtation with Chantelle, Preston got engaged to Camille, but they split up soon afterwards and he popped the question to the CBB winner.Preston – who is now also a successful songwriter for Olly Murs and Enrique Iglesias – and Chantelle got married in August 2006, but split less than a year later.Dressed down, covered in unsightly pimples and wearing thick rimmed glasses, Samuel Preston cut a bizarre and folorn figure when he was spotted in Brighton earlier today.

Think of all the musicians out there who try so hard, while I just get on Big Brother and release a single. I’ll listen to the radio if I’m cooking but that’s it. So we have high hopes for his upcoming telly appearance.Preston, who famously married Chantelle Houghton after meeting her on Celebrity Big Brother, is set to appear on this week's celebrity edition of First Dates. I’d just won Big Brother and wanted to be out having fun, not locked up again. She had pearls round her neck and was wearing a little buttoned-up suit and looked really posh. I wanted people to respect me for turning down a lot of money and a record deal for the fact that I can’t sing. I used to get jobs like going to a toy exhibition, where I had to walk around with a fluffy dog poking out of my bag. I’ll be buying flats around the Olympic stadium and selling them on for a lot of money. I wouldn’t mind being one of the dragons on Dragons’ Den. Only once, from a little old lady on King’s Road [Chelsea]. The public knew I couldn’t sing and that was obvious to everyone. Obviously I’ve made a lot of money so I’m planning on being a property tycoon. Say I was bitter and twisted about Nikki, for example, I could start shouting: ‘Hang on, look at me!