Who is aaron sorkin dating

But the Oscar and Emmy winner was reportedly seen with his lady Love at her hotel in Hollywood!

A source also claimed that there is a romantic involvement blossoming between them, saying: Hmm. Sorkin has dated Kristin Chenoweth, Kristin Davis, and ballet dancer Jacquelyn Reyes in the past, we’re not so sure Courtney is exactly his type. But if these two WERE in fact an item, it wouldn’t be the oddest couple we’ve ever seen!

Sure, it gives you the facts about how then-Harvard undergrad Mark Zuckerberg (a never-better Jesse Eisenberg) made billions by helping technology win the battle against actual human contact.

But it's also about the nation of narcissists we've become, reshaping who we are on Facebook in the hope of being friended by other users who may or may not be lying their asses off.

But don't forget his BFF, Brazilian student Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield), who provided the business plan and early financing.

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is a hard-charging beast of a movie with a full tank of creative gas that keeps it humming from start to finish (hell of a middle, too).

Was Rooney Mara‘s character Erica Albright even a real person?

Did Mark Zuckerberg really call his girlfriend a “Bitch” in a blog post while creating Facemash? If so, how did it get 22,000 hits when Harvard doesn’t have that many students?

I consider myself a blue-collar actor, just chugging away.

A spokesperson for Sorkin has recently been trying to set the record straight, saying that they are in NO WAY dating!