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This could be firewall blocking access to specific websites/web resources (like i Tunes trying to download something from Apple’s servers).

Some other websites (and users who’ve found some solutions) note this error as happening due to hardware issues (faulty cable, faulty USB port, accidentally disconnect etc.)One of the first things you can try is to change the USB port where the cable connects.

In this post, we will attempt to address one of these problems, in which the i Phone 7 Plus is stuck at ‘Waiting’ status.

If by any chance, you too are facing the same issue while trying to download apps, update software, or restore i OS on your i Phone, then this content might be able to help.

This is too basic, I know, but you’d be surprised at how randomly this fixes all hiccups when trying to upgrade/update the firmware.

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Waited with baited breath, finally Apple i OS 10 update was released with the great improvements in Notification Center, Quick Type, Design, etc.

But when it hits, whatever you were trying to do is stopped.

In most cases, Error 9 comes up when you are trying to upgrade/update your firmware.

However, not all the time each of these processes can go smoothly as problems can emerge while attempting to perform apps download and installation, as well as when updating device software.

Even users of the newest and most powerful smartphones to-date including the Apple i Phone 7 Plus device can suffer the same dilemma when downloading apps, performing updates and i OS firmware restore.