What comes with dating a gangster

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time but held off on it due to my not wanting to step on toes etc.

I have a married friend who has not spent any time in prison, has a beautiful family and has no street gang or organized crime affiliation.

Garcia-Molina's adaptation, which innovates to cover the obvious derivativeness of Bernardino's text, is simply put, offers a stark improvement over the original material.

A variation of Bernardino's love story between Athena (Kathryn Bernardo) and Kenji (Daniel Padilla), set in the 90's instead of the novelette's original 2004 timeline, is sandwiched within the beginnings of the blossoming romance between Athena's niece and Kenji's son, who are also played by Bernardo and Padilla.

I have a very good friend who dresses like this and while it doesn't personally bother me, I'm also not specifically attracted to it and it's annoying having to check on what they're wearing before you go anywhere to make sure they're dressed appropriately.

He has been turned away from countless bars/restaurants/clubs for being against dress code.

He's hotheaded, never seems to agree with her on anything—and everything about him screams gangster.

Someone who dresses like a thug: maybe when I was younger, but not as the "responsible", corporate America adult I am now.

To be a thug meant you carried the stigma of being shady, ruthless and dangerously criminal.

A gang of thugs are not gangsters, they are a gang.

When musicians started claiming to be gangsters, they would reference street legends and movie stars, the latter being the majority of what a gangster is to them.

Not only did this dilute the meaning of gangster but it actually changed it.