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Wireless Application Protocol (meestal afgekort tot WAP) is een methode om web-diensten via de mobiele telefoon aan te bieden.Tegenwoordig gebeurt dit meestal via een pakketgeschakeld netwerk zoals GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).Though I adored David Bowie as a teenybopper, I felt that one would have had to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the lush smorgasbord of lachrymosity that accompanied his death earlier this week.I said as much in a short blog on these very pages.The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star simply Tweeted, “B—hes wanna be Kim K so bad. We are sure Masika will have something to say about that.Smfh.” Could that be not so subtle shade directed at Fetty Wap’s on-again, off-again girlfriend and sex tape co-star Alexis Sky? UPDATE: Masika did have something to say about Alexis Sky saying she was an “old ass b—h” and Fetty’s “one-night-stand.” She posted a picture of Fetty with their daughter Khari Barbie with the simple (but damn she’s saying so much more) caption, “mood.” LOL. Er werd gebruikgemaakt van een standaard 9.6 Kib/s gsm-circuitgeschakelde dataverbinding.Deze snelheid komt neer op zo'n 1000 tekens per seconde.

WAP was aanvankelijk niet populair doordat de diensten en mogelijkheden nog niet uitgebreid waren en de verbinding niet snel was.

Masika isn’t dragging her baby’s father for the sex tape though and made it clear to any of her fans or haters that she’s not going to put her BD down on their timelines. Like, that b—h is just mad because she wants to be with Fetty and he don’t want her. She’s mad that he exposed her nationally on TV and she’s just trying to make herself relevant. I’m 22, like you had the opportunity to do these things and you didn’t.

She wrote, “Side bar: any disrespectful comments about Khari’s father you will be blocked.

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