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"The show just ended last night, so things could be happening shortly.

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Growing up we all have dreams of becoming doctor’s, lawyers, fireman, policeman and so many other things.

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"I truly thought I had something special with him, but I guess I was wrong.” "I feel like I did everything I could. She's going to end up screwing you over in the long run." The show was filmed in March, so Harwood has known for months she came up short in winning over Kelce's affection.

Despite concerns about her confidence and arrogance, Kelce ended up choosing Kentucky's Maya Benberry as the winner, sending Harwood back down the Shore.

Harwood, who has said the biggest challenge of filming a reality show is to “really stay true to yourself," didn’t take the news too well on the show.

She helps smart, savvy women treat themselves the way they want to be treated so they can attract the right relationship to them, and it all starts with dating yourself. It’s going to be a super-casual-come-and-go-vibe and you can find the details below!

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