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If your application attempts to use a broken reference, an exception error is generated.

A work around could be add as nuget package, but we loose the capability to debug.

I a m working in a project and we have decided start with the core and MVC6, so a work around will be appreciated.

Please check the Extension SDK vendor site to find out whether it can be referenced by Windows Store projects that target UWP.

If you determine that the Extension SDK being referenced by your app is not supported, then you need to perform the following steps: At run time, components must be either in the output path of the project or in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

Changing assembly references in large projects is a pain in the @ss.

I had to open up one of the files in the "wrap" folder for the "adminui.wqlqueryengine.dll" that had a "dependencies" section as well and remove it from there and then everything started to build and restore without any problems. Also what is relative folder structure of your solution root comparing to a project reference you are trying to add?

The inability to find the referenced component is the primary trigger for the error, but there are several situations in which a reference can be considered broken.

These instances are shown in the following list: Files in assemblies are referenced with absolute paths in the project file.

EDIT: I guess it works because the DLLs are not strongly named ( Inside the project file I saw it had the old version number, but in the properties window I saw the new one... I am not sure if there is an add-on for VS that could make updating DLLs easier.

If there isn't one, definitely someone should make one.