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If you have WIN7 and after installing game you have an error on your screen , ignore it because the game is installed correctly.

Game servers traditionally are not easy to manage yourself.Come try our download service by creating a free account on File Planet to download Counter-Strike: Source on our public servers or upgrade to a premium account to access our high-speed servers.I wanted to play Counter Strike Source like in the old days and i bought CS: S today but when i launched it, it doesn't wanna start, when i open it, it just Like refreshes my screen or something...I have spent the past few years working on Linux GSM to improve, document, add features and support more servers. There are always new features and issues being raised.I get great satisfaction and enjoyment from working on Linux GSM and will continue for a long time to come. Your contribution will help benefit many game server admins. You can contribute documentation, support admins, report bugs and submit new ideas. I have had a many kind people show their support by sending me a donation.