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And in response to customer suggestions, the ten volumes of Utah Administrative Code Annotated are now available in a convenient softbound format for greater accessibility!To ensure the most recent information is included, the set is replaced annually and updated with a mid-year supplement.

On Certiorari to the Utah Court of Appeals BACKGROUND¶ 1 When she was thirteen years old, Z. engaged in consensual sex with a twelve-year-old boy and became pregnant. As a result of her admission, the juvenile court adjudicated Z. delinquent for sexual abuse of a child but imposed a relatively light punishment. However, “[a]n equally well-settled caveat to the plain meaning rule states that a court should not follow the literal language of a statute if its plain meaning works an absurd result.” Savage v. But where some collateral matter arises out of the general words, and happens to be unreasonable; there the judges are in decency to conclude that this consequence was not foreseen by the parliament, and therefore they are at liberty to expound the statute by equity, and only quoad hoc disregard it. Thus, as is common to all rules of statutory construction, the guiding star of the absurd results doctrine is the intent of the pertinent legislative body, which limits the application of this canon of construction.

The Court opinion implied that a detainee was not required to produce written identification, but could satisfy the requirement merely by stating his name.

Some "stop and identify" laws do not require that a detainee identify himself, but allow refusal to do so to be considered along with other factors in determining whether there is probable cause to arrest.

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Arranged sequentially by title, Utah Administrative Code Annotated contains the most up-to-date compilation of permanent administrative rules legally promulgated by Utah State agencies, with history and case notes and other annotations throughout.