Updating xml files with php

IO namespace and various other XML classes included in the System. Listing 1 shows a simple XML file for demonstration: To test the above XML file for errors, simply open it with your browser.

If it has no errors, the file will be displayed as such.

I recently worked on a widget that displayed a live feed of songs from one of our radio station’s playlist.

The system that runs our radio station outputs XML which is then fed to a database.

Your program shows the form firstly, then saves data secondly.

So when you click button submit, the program shows the form with previous data first and then, saves 'new' data.

Listing 2: A Console application to display XML (Display Catalog.cs) The final output looks like the display in Figure 1.A program turns that data into feeds that get pulled by other programs.It’s common to use XML to share data between servers that use different technologies.The purpose of Stack Overflow, in my opinion, is to help users by giving them examples that may help them in resolving their issue.Not to imply that they haven't read or searched in the documentation.