Updating xbox360 firmware

, in Hardware, Modification, Xbox 360 and tagged 64930C, benq, board, broken, circuit board, desolder, dvd, dvd drive, dvd key, faulty, firmware, flash, jungleflasher, key, lens, locked, reflash, repair, replace, solder, VAD6038, VT6421, x360, xbox, Xbox 360. My Xbox’s DVD Drive has been playing up for a while now.

I install all of my games to the hard drive so it is rarely used.

While monthly Xbox One updates continue, this is the first major addition to the Xbox 360 in some time.

I brought over some games, including a few original xbox games, but the original xbox games don't work since the system hasn't been updated.

However I need to at least read and recognise the disks to be able to start any retail games.

For the last month or so I’ve resorted to hitting it squarely on the head a few times to get it to read the disks.

This is done using a secret key that only that motherboard and that DVD Drive have.

If you use another Xbox DVD Drive in your Xbox it will still read disks but will deliberately recognise Games as DVD Movies instead.