Updating sky software

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Related: Best Movie Streaming Service Sky has also worked with the Royal National Institute of Blind People to create a new accessibility setting for partially sighted customers, which lets users increase colour contrast and embolden lettering.8) After about 10 minutes the Sky digibox will return to “standby” (i.e.. 9) Leave the Sky digibox in standby for 1 minute as it carries out a self check and applied any new software..Sky has unveiled an all-new design for the Sky Homepage.3) Locate the button on the front of the Sky digibox, named “Back Up”. 6) About 20 seconds after reconnecting power, all four coloured lights will illuminate on the front of the Sky digibox.If the TV is switched to Sky a message will also appear on screen.. 7) Only after the four lights illuminate and the message appears should you release the back-up button.