Updating seamonkey

I should have waited as less than 24 hours from now 2.38 will be released but I will be able to update internally to that since I now have the new cert."Known Issue: The server certificate has expired and needed to be replaced.

Sea Monkey is a Web browser that shares much of the same base code as the popular Firefox Web browser.

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I am unable to properly install the TAR package for Seamonkey 2.39bz2, even though I downloaded it. Thanks in advance, Duckguy Install dbus and dbus-glib from here: download Seamonkey tarbz and run from the folder you unzip it and run from that folder. I *do* know that on my Mac Mini, I have two versions of Seamonkey and when I click the icon in the programs/exectuables dock at the bottom of my screen, I always get not only a GUI word box with a button to confirm that I want to open Seamonkey, but also a second GUI box which offers to install (whatever version of) Seamonkey... 2013-03-21 Due to too many changes in the Firefox GUI with every other new version, many of which I had to "undo" with the help of this theme, I have chosen Sea Monkey (direct Netscape - Mozilla 1.* successor) as my default browser instead of Firefox (see here for details).The Netscape-like themes for it existed: one was Classic Default, which was not compatible with Sea Monkey and when force-installed, showed broken graphics. 2012-10-30 Update: Orthodox for Firefox 0.6.1; changelog.This is useful in case you wish to patch a Mozilla based application without running the application itself.The process requires at least a general knowledge of using a command shell and file system paths.