Updating net applications

NET app then you can still use wy Update to update your app.

Using installers results in files hundreds of megabytes long with bandwidth bills to match.

In the first method, you can configure the Click Once deployment to check automatically for updates at certain intervals.

In the second method, you can write code that uses the Application Deployment class to check for updates based on an event, such as a user request.

When wy Update is in standalone mode all you have to do is include the wy Update executable with your application. Use wy Update as a silent updater whether you've written your app in C, C , Delphi, Java, or any other language.

I had followed your instruction and it is working when I run in debug mode, but when I create setup and install on a client system, at that time it downloads zip in work folder, extracts everything even renames Application to Application bak but then, unfortunately, I get a System. NOTE: Application is installed in Program Files and I had embedded manifest file too.The Automatic Updater control is included with wy Build and it can be included with your applications royalty free. It works with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and . If the versions don't match, then that means the binaries are out of date and a newer version ought to be downloaded.After downloading the newer assembly, the older assembly is replaced and the launcher app loads the assembly present in the current directory (which is now the new one). Because in order to check the version number, the assembly must be loaded.