Updating mysql tables from external file

Transaction size plays an important role in My SQL data loads.

So for the first time 'm delving into the world of ESS and have hit a logical road block.

However, we strongly recommend using an external database as a back-end Team City database in a production environment.

We recommend using the procedures in this section to import data into or export it from a My SQL DB instance.

Import and export data between My SQL and Excel has become much easier in Excel 2007 than it's previous versions.

To explore the feature, you need to install My SQL For Excel.

If you evaluated Team City with the internal database, please refer to Migrating to an External Database.

See also description of what is stored where on Manual Backup and Restore page.

This page covers external database setup for the first use with Team City 8.1 and above.

You can use these procedures to import data from other My SQL DB instances, My SQL instances running external to Amazon RDS, and other types of data sources.

To use replication to export data to an instance of My SQL that is running external to Amazon RDS, we recommend using the procedure discussed in Using Replication to Export My SQL Data We recommend the following procedures for importing data into a My SQL DB instance in the situations described: Note The 'mysql' system database contains authentication and authorization information required to log into your DB instance and access your data.