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This is the one and only website that belongs to us.. It is the easiest way of trying Mac OS X on Intel based regular computers, also known as Hackintosh computers.

Please click here for simple and basic knowledge about OSX86 and i ATKOS Project.

Frequent kernel panics reported during Samsung NC10 installs. Email us or add a link in the comments if you've got OSX working on a new netbook.

We'll add it to the chart and link it to your instructions. Note: In many cases, components can be replaced with third-party parts that work with OSX, especially Wi Fi. Note: Green doesn't mean it's easy to set up, or that you won't need third-party software. How-to guides for each netbook are linked to from the chart.

mac OS File Vault) on both single physical drives and Fusion drives.

Initial File Vault support: @slice, @ath, @download-fritz, @vit9696There are many issues with it as it is pretty new.

This guide is for Non vanila or hacked kernel & INTEL based system only. If you are upgrading from 10.5.7 then download Delta Update.

Updating Process is same as usual like you updated from previous one.

Before starting the process download & install osx86tools from PCWIZ.

I am writing this guide for a novice user, who doesn’t know much about the various commands that went into my previous article.

This is a one step process that almost anybody in this world would be able to follow.

Its been nearly two months, since I last wrote my guide to Install Leopard on your PC in just 3 Steps.

Well I wanted to write a better How-To that would answer many questions that people had from my previous How-To.