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Actually, the extend function built in the Disk Management is not available for system volume, boot volume, Striped Volume, Mirrored Volume and RAID 5 Volume.

Then some third party partition software like Ease US Partition Master will help you copy partition, copy dynamic disk to basic or convert dynamic disk to basic and extend/resize dynamic volumes directly.

It is restored on resuming the computer from hibernation.

Thus the *Windows boot manager* usually does not offer the boot menu if you have hibernated Windows before, because you are not allowed to boot another OS.

To maximize the performance of dynamic volume, you may use Disk Management which provides some useful features.

However, when the volume which contains your Operating System is out of space and you need to extend this volume to make sure the Operating System can work normally, you may find that Disk Management doesn't allow you to extend system volume.

The drive was full of hundreds of GB of photos and videos. It worked a treat and we got it all back in a jiffy. I knew everything was still there, but Easus and Acronis demos weren't showing me what I knew to still be there.

I tried two or three packages before I stumbled on yours and yours was the only one that offered a simple solution.

It is not possible to implement a file system driver which can deal with a file system that is being changed by other operating systems at the same time that it is mounted by the file system driver itself.

Ease US Partition Master can free copy dynamic volume to unallocated space on basic disk or convert dynamic disk to basic disk safely.

And you can repartition/resize Dynamic Disk on this basic disk easily.

HFS Plus also uses a full 32-bit allocation mapping table rather than HFS's 16 bits, significantly improving space utilization with large disks.

With the release of the Mac OS X 10.2.2 update on November 11, 2002, Apple added optional journaling features to HFS Plus for improved data reliability.