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Regular processing takes 4 to 6 week if you need it an emergency we recommend Fastport Passport.They can obtain your passport in as little as ONE business day.It is also important to consider the details of your trip. If traveling to China, taking a day trip to Hong Kong is considered an "exit" from China and then a "re-entry" upon return.

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A valid United States passport is required for most international travel by an American citizen.An "entry" indicates the number of times you are allowed to enter the country with the visa.Single - The visa will allow a traveler to enter the country one time Double - The visa will allow the traveler to enter the country two times. Passport and visa services are available in as little as 6 hours in some cases.For passport agency to update your passport, you will need to complete the application form DS-5504.This is the Name Change and Passport Correction application form.