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X_AXIS); JButton add Button = new JButton("Add"); ... public class Client Frame extends JFrame{ public Client Frame() private Input Panel pnl Input = new Input Panel(); private JPanel pnl Container = ... when your opponent makes a move, it doesnt appear until you click on a square. I'm not sure if this is the source of your current problem, but it smells very strange, and I think is very wrong.I have a JPanel in my application that has to be replaced entirely. Here is my code: Application // application import *; import javax.swing.*; public class Application Driver { // The application window static Main Frame window; public static void main(String[] args) { // Create the app window try catch (Exception e) window = new Main Frame(); // Get the window toolkit Toolkit the Kit = Toolkit(); // Get screen size Dimension wnd Size ..thanks, have re-written my code. I would guess that every time the panel redraws, you will be adding another mouselistener to it.I can now call the method from a non-static context. i have a jpanel that contains a scrollpane with a jtable in it. I am having a problem updating the contents of a JPanel inside a JFrame. In other words I want the destroy the panel I have up when I click a button ...Paul, the above problem was stopping me make the changes in my ..do you update a jpanel? i have a jpanel that contains a scrollpane with a jtable in it. initially, the panel displays the current data of the jtable. I wanted to update the JPanel by means of re-initializing the JPanel by other class extended by JPanel. I also think that it's best to point the OP in the direction of the correct answer, including reference material, rather than writing the whole solution for them. Swing Utilities; public class Status Bar Simulator implements Runnable IMHO, A Timer would be a much better solution than a thread that spends most of its time sleeping.I've got a window belonging to a module in the project. Hallo all, I am working on an application and i am using AWT (because i don't know Swing! My application has a Frame using Border Layout and three Panels that are set in the WEST, SOUTH and CENTER positions of my Frame. My problem is this: If i press a button on the WEST Panel ..Event Dispatch Thread (EDT) handles the painting, so when you do a 'long task', the EDT is blocked until the long task is finished. the problem i am having is that it is a network program, and moves are sent from one game to the other.you need to do your long task in a thread of its own, separate from the EDT here's a simple demo of your problem (blocking the EDT) import *; import event.*; import javax.swing.*; class Testing extends ...(); Box main = new Box(Box Layout. Y_AXIS); public JScroll Pane setup(){ JPanel top = new JPanel(); main2.add(main); Box button Box = new Box(Box Layout. Is there a way how to use repaint() or revalidate in my situation? when you make your move, everything works just fine. Why is it that when I don't implement Runnable and don't have an additional Thread and don't have Run() and put my paint Image() method anywhere else, no image is painted? draw Image() is called from within the method and no errors occur, but nothing else happens. You're adding your Mouse Listener from within the paint Component method.

My question is how to update a JPanel (and probably its container window) in a Net Beans Platform project. After doing some searching about set Content Pane on the com site, I realized that what I need to do is something like Content Pane(drawing Area); (at least that is what I think I need ... I am working on a chess program and its almost done.

On the right, you can add as many status areas as you want, with a separator bar.

JPanel; public class JStatus Bar extends JPanel import See the accepted answer at Using Swing Worker and Timer to display time on a label?

Basically, we get a reference of the plot from the chart to do the customizations on the plot instance: XYLine And Shape Renderer renderer = new XYLine And Shape Renderer(); // sets paint color for each series Series Paint(0, Color. I have come across many codes, but none has been as helpful as this one.

the explanations attached with the codes were very helpful.