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Since I was a kid on stage in the Olympia all I’ve ever wanted to do was cheer people up and entertain as many people as possible.I remember watching shows like Blind Date with Cilla as my Mam ironed and my Nana laughed and it doing just that – cheering us all up!Young or old, straight or gay, from all corners of the country, Al wants to hear from those looking for love.Al Porter said; “I’m beyond delighted this is happening and leaped at the chance to do it! Vi bruger egne og tredjeparts cookies til at huske dine indstillinger, til statistik og til at målrette markedsføring.Du accepterer cookies ved at klikke videre på siden.Brief relief as you realise it's not real, and then it hits you. For a split second, you had forgotten what happened...

Just because I am in television doing it doesn't mean I feel it less than anyone else.

Gushing over her handsome date, the loved-up star said: "He is my lobster," referencing the famous quote from sitcom Friends, meaning 'he's the one'.

The TV3 Midday host added: "I have been going out with him for a year." But she revealed the pair were long-time friends first: "I have known him 15 years." Opening up about her recent weight loss on the smash-hit RTE show, she said the one person who never felt she had to shrink her curves was her supportive other half: "He didn't even realise when I put on weight," she said, "he adores the bones off me." Asked why the romance hasn't gone public, she said: "He has been on my shoulder every day. And he is happy to be my lobster, but he doesn't want anything to do with the media." Elaine would only reveal that he was an engineer for ESB but she said that anything else was not hers to tell. I used to feel really guilty and that's why I didn't talk about my fears. "And there's this perception that you are above that.

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I would never have a sip of drink before driving again." Police told her she had drank about one eighth of a glass of wine too much, after driving home following dinner at a friend's. "Don't even put yourself in that position where you have to decide (whether to drive)," she said.