Tulisa dating married man

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow: The disgraced cyclist and ‘All I Wanna Do’ singer dated for three years until 2006.Let’s hope it wasn’t all a lie, rather like someone’s career.

Even Nev and Max were pretty scared of him as he emerged from his car slow-clapping and spoiling for a fight.

Thanks to financial support from her uncle and band manager, she enrolled into private education at Haverstock School at the age of 14 – the same school as Labour leader Ed Miliband attended."What is a chav?

Supposedly someone from a council estate with a cockney accent," she told in 2011. I haven't got a problem with myself or the way I talk."I've been put down a lot in my life and that can either make you depressed, upset and introverted or you don't care anymore."Elsewhere during her interview with , she discussed the suicidal feelings she struggled to overcome after she was officially charged."It just all got too much for me," she said. It was a dark time, a very dark moment but I’ve got through it and I am here today.""There are different levels of depression - when I got low, I got really, really low.

Smith had let slip about Tulisa drunkenly ranting in the back of his car about hating cocaine and the damage it was doing to one of her relatives.

Between them, Mahmood and Smith plotted to change the statement to remove this damaging revelation which could help the NDubz singer beat the charge.