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You see, the trans kids still need to use the washroom. Not that there is anything wrong with a teenage boy falling for a teenage trans girl. Mother (gushing with enthusiasm): That’s wonderful, Joseph!

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Never fear, though, as you and your romance can survive the time and space gap by following a simple but important guide of long-distance relationship dos and don’ts… Better to let the few trans kids out there use the facilities that match their gender identity.” Jillian Page’s multi-post reverie culminates in his authoring a ONE ACT PLAY [this is not a joke! I picked it up for her, we started talking, and, well, we hit it off. Amy Chan felt an almost instant connection with this guy.It was their first date and it seemed like he shared all of her deepest feelings on life and love.“He would say things that were pretty much word for word some of my theories,” she said later. We totally think the same way.”It would take a few more dates before Chan, a writer, realized the truth: His ideas sounded just like her ideas because they were, well, her ideas.“He actually did read my work and he did quote me back at me,” she said.