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Erik, then 14, watched as his parents rolled his older brother onto his back, maneuvered him to the floor and drained blood from his mouth. * * * Snow had fallen on New Carlisle, a city of 5,800 people in western Clark County north of Dayton, and freckled the lawn outside the Smoots four-bedroom, brick house at the end of their street.

The night before, Shane and Danielle had caught Cole strung out on methadone. From the time Danielle gave birth to Cole, she devoted herself to raising him and, later, his brother. The Smoots came to Ohio 2 1/2 years ago when Shane, who works in acquisitions for the Air Force, was transferred to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Like inner-tubing down the creek in the woods out back when the current was strong.

Or staging arena fights with crawdads, pitting the biggest of the bunch against one another. He once had to wrestle a girl and told his mom he was nervous.

Detectives and agents from the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) took part in the investigation. On a Saturday afternoon in mid-February 2011, Danielle Smoot walked into her 16-year-old sons bedroom and found him curled under his New England Patriots bedspread.Cole was a kid who could sleep until dinnertime if he wanted, but with school Monday through Friday, wrestling meets on Saturdays and church on Sundays, he hadnt had much opportunity for that since winter break. A foot peaking from beneath the comforter was mottled purple and beige, like human marble. Danielle reached for his neck, fumbling for a pulse. She screamed for her husband, Shane, who bounded up the stairs and into Coles room.Investigators said they found child sex predators in chat rooms, dating sites and social media networks using instant messaging, texting and online classified ads.Suspects came from all backgrounds from blue-collar workers to attorneys, including Dayton Cramer, the former associate general counsel for Florida State University, who resigned from his position after his arrest.