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Isn't one reason that we are to keep ourselves pure for the person who will one day be our spouse?

Can we not extend this to say: We may not kiss anyone who isn't our lawful spouse; someone who's single has no lawful spouse; therefore singles may not kiss?

Much of the base level subject matter is eternal and well worn: needing to use the bathroom while stuck in traffic; dating; racism; attempting to lose weight. She refers to herself as “old”, and since at 36 she is the age of this blogger’s eldest child, I suspect that I am not her target audience.

But so much of what she says is eternal, and her take on current social concerns such as cop violence and the horror of stumbling upon a bunch of white people in the hinterland performing a Civil War reenactment complete with Confederate flags is welcome and resonant.

“ I find it less annoying than getting stuck in rush-hour traffic,” Steger says. ...

He isn't shy about aligning himself with causes and issues.

What more could he do if his instinct is also to tackle issues closer to home: the legacy of slavery in his own family tree and how it is possible -- necessary -- to reject the racism passed through generations even today.

My thanks go to Net Galley and Knopf Doubleday for the DRC, which I received free and early in exchange for this honest review.

This book has just been released and is available for purchase.