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o my brother comes home the other day," Taylor Swift says, "and he goes, ' Oh, my God – I just saw a guy walking down the street with a cat on his head.'" As an ardent fan of ready-made metaphors, as well as of cats, Swift was excited by this. Half of my brain was going, ' We should be able to take a picture if we want to.

"My first reaction was, ' Did you take a picture? That guy is asking for it – he's got a cat on his head!

David Daniel Platt (né Tilsley) is the son of Martin Platt and Gail Rodwell and half-brother of Nick Tilsley, Sarah Platt and a girl fathered by Martin and his partner Robyn.

Sometimes it would be nice if someone just said, ' Hey, I think it's really cool that you have that cat on your head.

A quarter said through a friend and 15 percent said it was whilst at university.

Surprisingly only 13 percent of British women hook up using dating sites or dating apps.

They met up in November 2008 and Mary was instantly taken with Norris.

As they starting spending time together, Mary told Norris that she cared for her invalid mother and used the competitions as a way of escape.