Sohee and gdragon dating

I somehow recall them together somewhere or something but it wasn't a drama, probably the same award or award ceremony. I've been a fan of him for so long already and his acting never disappoints me! He's well-deserving for his awards and I Know that he would get more.Anyway I have loads of wishes for Yoo Ah In dramas, and sometimes when watching a drama I think about how Ah In would have played the lead. His looks are great too, of course ;) My favorite drama with him is "Chicago Typewriter" because he plays the leading role soo well! Love you Yoo Ah In, How I lost for words to describe your talent, your passion in every characters that you acted, leaves me speechless. I was first fascinated by him as Lee Bang Won in Six Flying Dragons, can't expressed in word how I was really impressed by his acting.People like them would always want to stand out in terms of clothing, and the number 1 con for them is to have a DUPLICATE (someone w/ same style)!!hence it poses a big question for all of us why they have such similar taste.its true that opposites attract, BUT its much better when you complement each are counterparts of each other.Genres: Hip hop music, K-pop Associated Acts: Big Bang, Flo Rida, Pixie Lott, Gd & Top, Tablo, Dok2, Taeyang, Missy Elliot, Sky Ferreira, Diplo, Baauer, Boys Noize, Skrillex, Cl, YG Family, GD & TOP and Park Bom.Body: Slim Girlfriend / Spouse: Ahn Sohee was rumored to be dating G-Dragon. In June 2016 is was reported by SBS that he stated dating Taeyeon, a South Korean singer and former member of .taking into consideration that, 1) GD&H did give the Goyard bag to GD.2) KVIPs (i presume GD&H) do know who GD’s girlfriend is.. Sohee’s personalized Goyard bag was obviously purchased before that of GD.there must be a reason why GD&H gave GD that almost similar personalized Goyard a very BIG clue don’t you think??

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Korean most be proud to have actor like him I always love his acting!! I've become his fans since Jang Ok Jung~ and my favorite drama is Six Flying Dragon and the film is The Throne.

I really like historical drama and Yoo Ah-In acting as royalty never disappoints.

so here are my opinions: yeah, when i saw the similar clothes of GD and SOhee, i kinda also jumped to the conclusion that they are dating.then, looking at most kpop artists clothes, they sometimes are the same..

MORE especially when you come from the same company or endorse the same brand.