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That isn't to say only Sarah thought Caroline was beautiful. According to Caroline, Sarah was the more attractive of the two.Both were the type of girl that all eyes went to wherever they went. She also had blonde hair, though not quite as long as Caroline's and more golden, and blue eyes.Sarah's complexion was a bit lighter and her breasts much larger.She had shapely legs, not long like Caroline's, but incredibly curvy.A financial advisor is facing a prison sentence after being caught by a vigilante paedophile hunter in a sting operation when he went to meet up with a 15-year-old girl.

Snorting Cocaine Off an Oil Drum: This tale about Palin doing lines off an oil drum outdoors while snowmobiling is amusing, but is it physically possible?

Hunt arranged to meet the girl in person but was instead confronted by Sarah Doherty, a 36-year-old paedophile hunter and founder of vigilante group Internet Interceptors, who had been posing as the teenager in an attempt to snare sexual predators.

On Friday, a jury at the Old Bailey found Hunt guilty of arranging to meet a girl under 16 following grooming, despite his claims that he only wanted to take her shopping.

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