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Shucks, as a six-year-old kid I even successfully jumped from stone to stone placed across the stream outlet from Itasca at the site called the source of the Mississippi.

degrees from Stanford University, I never thought to question the validity of the Itasca origins for the Mississippi.

If you're getting married in the state of Minnesota you must first apply for a wedding license at any in-state county clerk office. There is a mandatory 5 day waiting period before your license is issued to you.

A few days after the disappearance, police found one of her shoes across the Red Lake River in Crookston, Minnesota, under a bypass.

She was face down and naked below the waist, hands tied behind her back.

Rope and remnants of a plastic bag encircled her neck. TV crews brought in satellite trucks that beamed daily images of Sjodin, who the media dubbed "everyone's daughter, everyone's sister." Outrage for the tragedy was aimed not just at Rodriguez, but at Minnesota officials, who didn’t commit him to a sex offender treatment program after his prison sentence, despite a pre-release evaluation that found him likely to reoffend.

Officers discovered small blood splatters in the back seat of his car and a knife in the trunk matching the sheath found near Sjodin’s vehicle.

Then, in early spring, after five months of searching on both sides of the river, a retired cop and police reservist discovered Sjodin’s body in a ravine outside Crookston.