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Obviously those small images are nothing but appetizers for Thai porn sites, mostly with bargirls from agogo and gentlemen bars from big cities and vacation resorts.

You might find some familiar faces on Walking Street or in agogo bars like Heaven Above Pattaya.

Sling Bang responds: You leave the beach each night once you're tired. Once in the night market, you can increase your stamina (hours on beach) for the next day by buying coffee, sushi, pillow, and other upgrades.

Generally, only unhealthily-religious countries ban prostitution. I was going to add "Ironically causing gang-controlled human-slavery, and a sub-species of disposable women and criminalized men, resulting in considerable social damage and wasted economic potential as well as increased cost for prisons..." -but then I remembered it's not irony, since that was the INTENTION of the religious people.

Bangkok massage parlor with some pretty natural Thai attendants.

Luckily, she is an attractive woman so there is an easy solution! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls: Use the mouse to click anything or use Hotkeys below: -A- Arm Covers -B- Bracelets -C- Collars -E- Earrings -F- Fingernail Polish -H- 'Haggling' -I- 'Invite' a Client (need Cellphone) -J- Necklace -K- 'Kleen' off cum -L- Leggings -N- 'No' Choice in Dialogs. -R- Rare item display -S- Toggles Man Sounds On/Off. -W- Wreaths: Veil, Mask, Hair style -X- Xray inside Hips. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.01: Hotkeys added. 1.02: 'Deep Throat', 'Second Round' and 'Gangbang' Sex Moves. I upgraded all the male skins so they look more realistic. I have read that you have to work to pay the bills and therefore you don't have much time to work on your games.

-O- Control Male Orgasm: Off, Never, Now -P- Penis: Off, On, without Balls. 1.03: Skip Sex Scenes option: Your stats will still be tracked but the unlockable Sex Achievements WON'T.

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