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"There weren't a lot of people using the Internet to date back then," she says.

"I didn't know how I was going to meet someone, especially when with what little free time I had I wanted to spend it with my friends." Heeding advice from friends living in New York City, Allison turned to the Internet.This course starts right from downloading the app, and takes you all the way through to opening lines, getting phone numbers, and ultimately booking in a date.It's amazing how few people on Tinder are getting it right so we believe you can move above the masses Hello!Katy Horwood, a dating and relationship expert, told uk: “Online dating can be a fantastic way of connecting with other singles…However, it can be a double-edged sword.“While choice, and the abundance of it, can be a good thing when looking for a relationship, it can also be overwhelming and create a culture of thinking there’s always something better around the corner.”But there are ways to wade through the masses and find the perfect match, according to Jack Knowles, the founder of dating app Temptr.