Second dating advice

Just get into what he's saying so much that you'll forget your own fear," she says."Brandon Aki (@Brandon Aki), the "real Hitch" and author of He Said: A Crash Course in Dating for Women, says you should make like a boy scout and be prepared."Really take your time with everything, from picking out clothes to thinking about questions you want answers to," he says."April Beyer (@April Beyer), president and founder of personal matchmaking and relationship consulting firm Beyer & Company LLC and host of VH1's Making Mr.Right says that getting in the right mindset is key to having a good time.The moral of the story is: don't be scared to ask your date about themselves, that is literally the point of a date... If you spend the whole time harping on about yourself, chances are your date will never want to see you again because you just don't seem that arsed.

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Decide what you'll reveal to help you both figure out if this match is right.

A study from Harvard University has found the secret to securing a second date. The Independent reports that the straight men who took part said they wanted to see half of the women again.

But the straight women only wanted to go on a second date with a third of the men.

The first date is all about getting to know each other. When you meet each other for a second date, both of you know each other already. How to have a good second date You may have spent a few hours with each other during the first date.

But yet, you don’t know about each other’s interests or real lives. But in a second date, you need to build the chemistry slowly and at the same time, test your compatibility too.