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It considers that the exploitation of women through these forms of ‘entertainment’ legitimises negative attitudes towards women and is inextricably linked to gender inequality and sexual violence.

Regardless of the governments expressed commitment to tackling issues of sexual exploitation, the Home Office estimates that around 80,000 people in the UK are still involved in prostitution.

There are various types of gender-based violence and these can be divided into six clear groups – domestic abuse, harmful traditional practices, sexual harassment and stalking, commercial sexual exploitation, childhood sexual abuse and rape and sexual assault.

Commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) includes a wide range of often linked sexual activities which (typically) men profit from or buy from women and which objectify and harm women.

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ranged from international and EU cross-border transactions to smaller cases under national jurisdictions.The photographs depict her children Sonja, Linda, and Samuel as well as her grandmother, mother, partner and eventually her grandchildren.Sometimes intruding, sometimes nostalgic, her photos capture utopian togetherness and lack of privacy in our simple everyday life.Based on a lack of alternatives and often on coercion, such activities are rarely a ‘free’ or ‘vocational’ choice.The Scottish Government includes prostitution, pornography and other forms of involvement in the ‘sex industry’ in its definition of violence against women.