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At one time, due to a punitive window tax, the size of your panes was seen as an indicator of your wealth and i The windows are then upgraded by fitting the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System, which virtually eliminates draughts and rattles.

At the same time, the Ventrolla Sash Removal System can also be fitted to ease future painting, cleaning and maintenance.

Millican may still have the common touch on stage, but accounts revealed this week that the company through which she runs her affairs had nearly £2.5million in the bank this time last year — £2million more than in 2011.

I spoke to Sarah recently to see if she knows where he is and she doesn’t have a clue. The show, Sarah Millican’s Not Nice (based on her divorce), took the Newcomer Award. Since then she has become a regular on panel shows, played sell-out tours across the country, had her own Radio 4 show, released two smash-hit live DVDs and last year was given her own series on BBC2, The Sarah Millican Television Programme.Therefore it is vital to retain them, not only because of the aesthetic appeal, but because they add value to your property.Also known as a sliding sash or vertical sliders, they rely on a weighted system that allows the heavy sashes to lift and fall with ease.Incredibly the £1,321,350 property with 13 acres is the only private castle in Ireland with en-suite facilities so scaling the spiral staircase in nothing but a towel has been banished to the history books.A spokesperson for Period Property UK, said: "The castle is very well restored and is very comfortable."It is currently being run as a successful business and there is also a ceremony room type chapel next to the formal garden on site, which is approved for civil services."The entire perimeter is planted with mature trees: Ash, elm, birch, oak and pine which is an excellent source of firewood."Surrounded by 13 acres of rich walled pasture land, the castle comprises of five bedrooms across five floors, connected by a spiral staircase with handrail and rope.