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It’s because insurance scams–where pedestrians make themselves get hit by a car in an attempt to get money–is way more popular than it should be. When she sees there’s no profit, stops and calmly walks off. Now the cases with 100% on purpose “wheel diving”.According to redditor Ryanistheryan, this is the translation of this video: Russian laws have a very strict policy for driver’s fault in case of hitting pedestrians. Let’s begin with cases, where intentions are not clear at all, and actions are totally inadequate. Bloke wearing a hoody is calmly approaching the Zebra. Not clear if set-up or just suicidal. Man lurks for a right bus to dive into, spends quite some time A group of teenagers is crossing the Zebra as usual.

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By federal law, driver has to compensate for damages even if he’s not guilty. Suddenly one of them takes a dive. Now the cases, proved to be real set-ups. “Witness” wrecks the mirror, “Victim” drops a phone, van obscures the view. “Victim” with an expensive laptop Just the BMW he needs “Witness” man, the “victim” with i Phone 4 and a lorry to make them unnoticeable. Sound of a hit mirror.

Same script: broken phone, damaged arm. “Road police” and the “witness” car get on scene in less than 10 seconds. After seeing the dashcam, they pack up and drive away. One of them even managed to be recorded twice Classic scheme is to demand compensations for broken laptop or phone, damaged arm, “to pay the doctor”, incapacity for work during an important meeting. By law you HAVE TO always call the road police, whether it was a set-up or not.

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