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to noon, ending just in time to catch her sweetie's three-hour radio show.Well, this ought to be interesting to watch what happens on CNN.Her first day of class at a public elementary school was a media circus, with photographers snapping shots just a few feet away of her in a stocking cap, jacket and Snoopy tote bag.The school quickly established some ground rules to ensure a semblance of normalcy.Kingdom Days Sim Date, Your task in this cool simulation game for girls of all, ages is to build relationships with up to 5 different characters during 30 days.Chrono Days Sim rush limbaugh dating cnn anchor, cute dating simulation for girls.Suddenly her job got exciting and she covered several sports events like Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs and also international Skate boarding.

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---BBB Conservative radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh, 53, who announced his separation from his third wife, Marta, in early June, is dating CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, 41, a spokesman for Limbaugh has confirmed to us. The coupling came as a surprise to some friends who consider the Atlanta-based Kagan part of the liberal media axis and a feminist -- but, then again, opposites attract.

to noon, ending just in time to catch her sweetie's three-hour radio show.

Rush Limbaugh Dating CNN Anchor This is a warning to everyone who tunes into CNN Live Today: Daryn Kagan is officially dating Rush Limbaugh.

So watch out for slanted stories from this anchor because she's now dittohead #1!