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We were a mess of nationalities: English, American, Scottish, Dutch, Peruvian and French Canadian, crammed into a tiny bus, trying to snatch a little sleep while the vehicle jerked along.

Just as the sun was coming up, the bus stopped in a pokey little village snuggled in a mountain valley.

After an hour of waiting on chilly cobbles, I began to fear there had been some mistake.By looking closely, it is clear that the Chapter badge of this deleted Chapter is that of the Rainbow Warriors.The Rainbow Warriors wear blue Power Armour with a multi-coloured rainbow stripe through the centre of their helmets.The reports that a judge ruled that practice to be in violation of California's Unruh Civil Rights Act, which states that "business establishments" have to have "full and equal accommodations" for everyone, no matter their sexual orientation.This ruling also applies to the other dating sites owned by Spark Networks, including Adventist Singles Connection and Black Singles.