Quiet dating spots singapore

A small island facilitated by extensive media coverage means that we know just about everything at home.

Every new cafe or bar in town, the upcoming shopping mall in the west, where to find the best and where to join in the queuing craze for a newly launched donut joint from the US.

In 1991, for example, the government began offering cash bonuses to couples with more than two children and the Singapore newspapers printed tips for having sex in the back seat of a car, including directions to some of the “darkest, most secluded and most romantic spots” for parking They suggested covering the windows with newspapers for privacy.

I guess for many couples there exists a general problem with sleeping over at each other places when living with the parents, not to speak of cultural differences and the general conception and conservative point of view on Sex in Singapore.

While online websites like Time Out Singapore and lifestyle magazines like 8Days or Cleo may make it seem like they’ve got every explorable corner in Singapore covered, there remains a 5% minority of places that most would not know exist.

In fact, is is even hard to imagine room for these places in a city so packed with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

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In recent years, the population had been climbing the way property prices and transport fares do, and with more people and development the inevitable city building frenzy commenced.While we might be living in one of the world’s most expensive cities, dining in a romantic restaurant does not necessary mean we have to break the bank.It is such a shame that many Singaporeans have the misconception that a meal at a romantic restaurant would be an insanely costly experience.If your girlfriend is a fan of nature, bring her on the Southern Ridges Walk, a 5 kilometer hiking trail that takes you through Telok Blagah Hill Park and Mounth Faber.Pack a picnic and sit down at the Henderson Waves right about sunset.