Questions for bachlorettes on dating game

As the game wrapped up, a woman named Lexie approached and asked if she could talk to Rachel.Lexie claimed to have an interesting story: She had been dating De Mario (a 30-year-old recruiting consultant from Los Angeles) for seven months until one day he stopped returning her texts.Chuck Woolery took over in 1997 when the original format was reinstated and hosted for the last two seasons.Beginning in 1966, The Dating Game was often paired with The Newlywed Game.When she asked for a demonstration, he screamed "Whaboom! Most of Lindsay's castmembers — who make up the most diverse grouping in the history of the long-running franchise — boast successful careers as lawyers, medical professionals, consultants, etc.

Jim Lange hosted The Dating Game for its entire ABC network run and the 19 syndicated editions.

I love this game because it’s usually really funny or sweet and it’s also a great way to get to know more about the couple.

Chances are not all the guests will have been around when they met and some may not know the groom that well. If Mike could get rid of anything in Ashley’s wardrobe, what article of clothing would he dump?

And the bizarre scene that unfolded on Monday night’s episode was no different.

It started after Rachel took some of the guys on a group date, where they competed in a basketball challenge.